Volunteer at FPMS

If you are planning to volunteer in any capacity, you need to be an approved volunteer.

Anyone NEW to volunteering in Leander ISD must create a volunteer account and submit all required information to run a background check. When creating an account, please make sure to select that you are interested in volunteering at Four Points Middle School.

Anyone RETURNING to volunteer in Leander ISD will be sent an email with instructions on renewing or removing their volunteer account. Volunteer accounts are active for an entire year (12 months) from the date of approval. A notification will be sent to the approved volunteer one month prior to expiration.

At any time after a volunteer creates an account they can log in to their volunteer account by entering the username and password created during registration.

For questions regarding volunteering at FPMS, contact Jennifer Oeltjen, Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected]

Interested in Volunteering?

Think school involvement opportunities end with elementary school?...  Not at FPMS!

From Teacher Appreciation, Library, Book Fair, School Safety, School Dances, Fundraisers, Booster Clubs, & more -- middle school still has opportunities to be involved & there's an opportunity to suit everyone!

Whether you enjoy helping out with the booster clubs or prefer the PTA/school events -- ALL volunteers MUST be LISD approved so do not delay in submitting your application.

Submit your application here

Seeking Help 2024-2025

We have lots of great programs for this school year and we need your help!

Message the PTA President!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the LISD Volunteer Handbook ?

The LISD Handbook is available through this link in a downloadable pdf format.

Why should I track and submit my volunteer hours?  

Give your campus your time, then give them your hours.
By tracking your volunteer hours, your campus can:
· Continually document the level of community engagement at your school.
· Celebrate the campus volunteer program.
· Know where volunteers are working and spending the most time.
· Define other volunteer opportunities to further engage parents and the community.

· Raise awareness of the value of ALL CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS and ALL AREAS where parents support your school.
· Realize the value of off-campus and after-school volunteer support.

· Use volunteer totals when applying for corporate and federal grants and campus awards

How do I submit my volunteer hours?

When and how do I record hours?
· Every time you enter the school to volunteer. (These are tracked through the sign-in sheet in the front office. Don't forget to sign out when you've completed your volunteer time.)
· Every time you do volunteer work at home, or at off-campus school sponsored events. (These are tracked through the online database.)
• After logging into the LISD Site, choose Volunteer > Opportunities from the upper left hand menu. Scroll down to Other Location Activities to enter your hours and hit the Log Hours button to submit.

What is included in reportable hours?

Any hours that benefit the students, campus or district, directly or indirectly, should be recorded. Reportable hours might include time spent:
· At the campus during school hours
· Working on volunteer projects at home
· Volunteering at special events
· Helping in the classroom
· Chaperoning
· On PTA and student activities
· At volunteer-related conferences and meetings
· Baby-sitting for children whose Mom or Dad is volunteering
· Coordinating campus volunteer hours

Is there a list of FAQs from Leander ISD?

Yes, those can be found through this link.